The Override – The action is heating up, no question about it

Thursday, April 30, 2009
By Cary Shuman

Well, it’s three weeks and counting until Winthrop residents will make their choices known in the Proposition 2 1/2 override election on May 19.

On Saturday, we saw several residents dropping informational pamphlets at homes throughout the town and, without taking sides, we must say the pamphlet was very well done. The group obviously was well organized, and we admire their dedication to the cause.

There have been many letters sent to the Sun Transcript representing both sides of the override issue. We encourage residents to read the letters and then go to the polls on May 19, a day that will determine Winthrop’s future.

  • Tom Hollingsworth Andrews

    Do the math. The overrides total a 13% increase. In one fell swoop this amounts to FIVE annual, automatic 2 1/2% increases.
    Note that the 13% would supplement, and not merely replace five of the annual 2 1/2%. Moreover the sudden 13% increase, if voted in, will cause a sudden, large levy limit increase — this will in turn provoke subsequent increases in taxes collected from the 2 1/2% since that is based on the size of the levy.

    Another pernicious aspect: override dollars collected the first year must be spent on the purposes voted upon; however this is NOT so in subsequent years!

    So the virus really spreads, doesn’t it? Vote a stern “NO” on all of these. Then reprioritize, and reconsider just a few of them as capital exclusions or debt exclusions next year.

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