Welcome to Winthrop – Wishing James McKenna the best of luck

Thursday, June 4, 2009
By Cary Shuman

The Town Council made it official Tuesday night, unanimously voting for President Tom Reilly’s nomination of James McKenna as the new town manager of Winthrop.

McKenna and his wife, Susan, were in the audience when the council made its historic vote. McKenna spoke briefly, thanking the councillors for their support while noting how much he enjoys public service.

McKenna already has made a favorable impression on everyone he has met in the town.

He will begin serving as the town manager in about a month, ushering in a new era in town government.

We wish Mr. McKenna the best of luck in his new position as the day-to-day administrative leader of our town and join with him in hoping that Winthrop can make it through these perilous times.

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