A Job Well Done – WPD and WFD ensured a safe holiday weekend

Saturday, July 11, 2009
By Cary Shuman

Town Manager James McKenna made it a point to praise the Winthrop Police and Winthrop Fire Department for ensuring a safe and happy Fourth of July celebration in the town.

Terence Delehanty, executive officer in charge of the Winthrop Police Department, was present at the council meeting and said afterwards that he was proud of his department’s work for the entire holiday celebration. Delehanty and Lieutenant Frank Scarpa headed the security and traffic direction effort that included 22 officers on duty (of which 11 were reserve officers), along with seven auxiliary officers to augment the department.

The police department made five arrests on the Fourth and responded quickly to a disturbance on Shirley Street. Attendance was up for the Winthrop fireworks and holiday activities, and the Winthrop Police Department was certainly up to the task of making it a safe and enjoyable celebration of our nation’s 233rd birthday.

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