Come, Let Us Reason Together: Rift Between Turco and Delvento Was Apparent During Tuesday’s Meeting

Thursday, November 17, 2011
By Transcript Staff

Those who either were at Town Hall Tuesday night or watched the Town Council meeting on cable television are aware that there seems to be a rift, a break in friendly relations,  between Council President Jeffrey Turco and Precinct 3 Councilor Nicholas DelVento.

It became apparent that there is a difference in philosophy after President Turco (as is his right under the town charter) tried to make appointments to various boards and DelVento (as is his right)  tabled each appointment until the next meeting.

Adding to the intrigue was a letter from Gus Martucci,  a popular resident and former member of the School Committee,  that was read by Turco and that basically said that the president should not be making any appointments to town boards during his lame-duck, remaining weeks in office.

We realize that the recent election was a close, personal contest and it’s no secret that Councilor DelVento was not neutral. However, Mr. Turco is Council President until January when his successor, Peter Gill, is inaugurated and takes over that position. Councilor DelVento has been a dedicated, hard-working councilor and has defended the interests of his own constituents and town-wide, but Turco is president until the end of the year.

We hope that all parties respect the authority and office of the presidency, as well as the intent of the voters who signaled their desire for a change. We trust that both Councilor DelVento and President Turco can work together for the best interests of the town in the next six weeks.

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