Hanson Brothers Highlight Benefit Hockey Game on April 21

Friday, March 30, 2012
By Transcript Staff

Come join us on Saturday, April 21st   4:00 – 6:00 pm for a Benefit Game at the Larsen Rink and a reception to follow at Saint John’s School 7:00pm-12midnight. It’s been six years since the Bad Boys of Hockey came to Winthrop and everyone’s still buzzing about the event… So mark your calendars!

The Hanson Brothers will join Winthrop residents/alumni for both fundraising events. The proceeds will benefit the Larsen Rink, ALL Winthrop hockey teams, including youth hockey programs. The reception will be a great opportunity to reunite with former teammates, coaches and friends. We are planning a special project and invite donations of your newspaper articles, pictures and/or hockey shirts etc. to proudly be displayed. So, clean out your closets/attics so we can showcase you as a proud member of our Winthrop Hockey Family

Interested in PLAYING! Sign up “NOW” to purchase and reserve your playing spot.

There is an admission costs for the game:

• $10 adults

• $5 students (at the door)

• Reception: $25 (must be 21 or older).

For further information, questions and to sign up for your playing spot please contact Britney Rand at vikingboosters@gmail.com you can also follow this event on Facebook on WHS Hockey. Remember, this is a fundraising event to benefit the Larsen Rink, ALL Winthrop hockey teams, including youth hockey program.

  • Fredfred

    Does this paper only report on sports stories?  Is there nothing else going on in Winthrop?

  • Cindy


  • Roxy106

    need to know the name of a player name he is #6 for the alumni vickings muffin town.

  • Roxanne .B

    hi fred,
    i went to the winthrop viking alumni game do you or enybody know the name of a player all i know he number is#6 he is on the alumni viking team muffin town.for winthrop
      thanks roxy

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