Handling Tough Situation: Financial Problems Were Not Theirs

Thursday, May 17, 2012
By Transcript Staff

We admire the way that Superintendent of Schools John Macero and Assistant Superintendent of Schools Lisa Howard have handled the delicate situation of a financial misstep that occurred prior to Macero becoming superintendent last year. Macero and Howard are working hard to make sure that such an error doesn’t happen again and they’re focusing on how the town can move forward and provide the best education possible for the children of Winthrop.

It was great to see Mrs. Howard (and that’s how Council President Peter Gill professionally addressed his daughter during the discussion) speak so articulately and passionately about the Winthrop School Department. As a product of the Winthrop school system, Lisa is a great role model for all Winthrop kids. We’ll always remember Lisa Gill as the incredible second baseman who helped lead the Winthrop Vikings to our first and only state softball championship and then went on to play Division 1 softball at Boston College. Lisa was a woman ahead of her time as a brilliant student-athlete who understood that while excellence on the field was important, it was also vital to work hard academically to reach your goals.

  • thompson19

    What does the way her father spoke to h er and her playing softball in college have to do with this Howard woman’s dealing with a financial screwup by the Winthrop school department?  How come this blat doesn’t detail whatever steps she recommended to see that it does not happen again? Her suggestions along with the super intendent’s?  In other words, this alleged newspaper  should stop oozing grease and start making real observations.

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