Police Blotter 08-31-2017

Saturday, September 2, 2017
By Transcript Staff

Monday, Aug. 21

Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue by the Elks. Driver was issued one-way violation.

Report of vehicle parked illegally at Shirley and Washington avenues. G&J was notified, then cancelled as officer will cite the male party for infractions. He was cited for not having a license on a trailer.

Male and female screaming at one another on Irwin Street in a black pickup truck. Party has just moved towards the beach. Calling party also believes there is a child in the back. When speaking with the calling party, it was learned that the vehicle had left prior to his arrival.

Party on Pleasant Street states there are cars parked on both sides. It is hard for her to go in and out of her driveway. Her daughter is bringing a camper down and needs to park it in the driveway. One parking ticket issued.

Officer was off on a notification at Governors Park. Party was not home.

There is a party at Governors Park who keeps calling the 911 line and hanging up. Officers spoke with the party, and he will no longer be calling 911 unless he needs it.

92 was flagged down on Veterans Road regarding a vehicle with four female occupants, which almost ran down pedestrians.

A vehicle bearing Florida registration has been observed in the town of Winthrop for months. The vehicle was issued a courtesy warning to register the vehicle in Massachusetts within the next seven days in order to avoid a $500 fine.

Party on Veterans Road states at the dog playground there is a male who seems to be intoxicated and yelling. He is a local homeless man, and has moved along.

Caller on Putnam Street reports that her vehicle was hit and run while parked by a white pickup truck backing out of the laundromat. No plate and minor damage. Individual will talk with employees in the morning.

Party reports being hit by a motor vehicle while riding his bike on Main Street. Superficial injuries and refused medical. The operator was stopped.

Reporting party states that her mother on Cross Street made a Q5 statement through Facebook, and would like a well-being check on her. Party in question was fine. Family is on the first floor. Her husband is home as well.


Tuesday, Aug. 22

On Veterans Road from Locust to Shirley Street, cars are parked where there is no parking. Caller states the garbage trucks cannot get by. Area is clear and there is no parking violation.

25-year-old on Cottage Park Road had a bad breakup with his mother and she wants a well-being check on him.

Doctors office calling well being on female on Bates Avenue who has missed an appointment and they are unable to reach her. They have also tried emergency contacts and have gotten no answer. Party also has a dog.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Almont Street.


Wednesday, Aug. 23

92 called 93 for assistance on Shirley Street. Upon arrival, the front door was wide open, and they did a search of the inside to make sure everything was okay. All was in order and they secured the door.

Verbal warning given to driver on Grovers Avenue for failure to stay right. He almost hit a cruiser.

Officer with a disabled vehicle at Winthrop Yacht Club.

Female party on Shirley Street called and stated a male party came back. Both male parties advised of trespassing from church and property and only welcomed during Mass.

Party on Pauline Street called and stated that his wife lost her purse at the bus stop across from the CVS. Officer found the purse, and it will be located at the station.

A duck/goose on the golf course was hit in the neck and he is still alive, but flopping around on the fourth hole.

Motor  vehicle accident on Crest Avenue. Unknown injuries.

Mother on Summit Avenue states that she wants her daughter and partner removed. She is afraid for her life. No weapons. It was verbal in nature only. Neither mother or daughter wanted to leave for the evening. They were both advised if police need to return, further action will be taken.

Teenager passed out inside home on Jefferson Street. He is alert and being evaluated by fire and ambulance.

Report of a male with gray hair and jeans-shorts urinating in public in front of children on Crest Avenue. Officer states a lot of foot traffic in the area, and nobody has seen anything remotely close to a male urinating.

Lost dog at Main and Read streets. Calling party stated the dog is going to get killed in the road. Woman is going to stay with the dog. ACO is not in town, tried calling woman back to advise about calling a kennel, and it went to voice mail. The owner found the dog, and all is well.

On Morton Street by the boat yard, there is a silver jeep with a male passed out inside. Fire en route. Fire reported the man is just taking a nap in his vehicle.

Party on Crystal Cove Avenue reports loud music in the area. Possibly at Massa Park.

Report of an outside concert on Washington aVenue. It is very loud. Party goers stated they will bring the party inside and keep the music down.

Male party on Walden Street kicking car and throwing bottles at her. It is at the basketball court. Units spoke with both sides. They were friends in high school, but had a falling out. Both sides have been advised, and they will stay away from each other.

Report of loud music coming from the Elks. Bartender was spoken to and the band has been shut down for the night.

A man was smashing things on Locust Street. One coming in for protective custody.

Caller at Governors Park reports she is in the rear lot and another tenant is saying she damaged her vehicle, but she did not. Peace was restored at this time.


Thursday, Aug. 24

Vehicle on Cutler Street is illegally parked. Calling party states she had to drive on the sidewalk to get by. It was parked illegally, but not obstructing.

Report of an elderly man acting confused on Jefferson Street.

Vehicle crashed into home on Pleasant Street. Male party will be summoned to court. Female homeowner called back stating the male party who was operating the vehicle returned to her home and took something out of the trash and provided a license plate for the vehicle that drove off.

Lost dog in the area of Pleasant Street. Large brown and white dog.

Party came to the police station to report that she suspects her former babysitter may have stolen items of clothing from her.

A cross walk violation at the 7 Eleven.

Calling party at Lincoln and Cora Street states a suspicious man is sitting in a blue vehicle in front of her house. She stated he is not a neighbor and feels something is not right. He was waiting for a friend and all is well.

A female in a bathing suit with altered mental status was seen on Washington Avenue near the jetty. She will be given a courtesy ride.

Report of a duck with an injured wing in the front of a house on Revere Street. Duck was routed to Animal Rescue League.

Follow-up investigation on Dolphin Avenue. Officer made contact with individual who was involved with a vehicle being backed into yesterday at the center.

Party on Strand Way on Yirrell Beach, she hears a woman screaming and then she fell. Units responded and they report all quiet in the area of Otis and Pratt. Unit will be talking with a group up on Bayview to see if they heard anything.

Party on Shirley Street wants to have a woman removed from the property. She is in the parking lot. She was transported to Orient Heights.

Report of kids being loud in the basketball court. Unit on scene and nothing is showing.


Friday, Aug. 25

Suspicious activity at Halford Beach. Parties have left the area.

Erratic operator on a Moped on Revere Street, currently in the Cumberland Farms parking lot. Caller stated he lifted up his shirt as if to show a weapon, but caller did not actually see a weapon. Operator was crossing the yellow lines and weaving between cars. It was just a misunderstanding.

Manager on Shirley Street requesting a female removed from property. Female party was spoken to, and she has another address out of Quincy.

Caller on Revere Street stated that someone left a bag on her door with prescription medication inside. Caller walked over to 7-Eleven because she did not have a phone. Officer spoke with the party, and there were no prescription meds.

Caller on Cottage Park Road states that work was being done on the sidewalk by a company that was hired by the town and dumped a white liquid on the street. He would like an officer to come by and check to see it DPW is needed for a cleanup. Officer spoke with the caller and stated that there was concrete dust that was left behind. The company was advised and will be coming back to spray with the hose.

Female party from an earlier incident at Crystal Cove Inn is back at the liquor store.

White female, looks to be intoxicated, going in and out of a vehicle  at Bayview and Brewster avenues. Female party refused medical and left with party who was picking her up and both are heading back to Quincy.

Report of a  female who is down on ground at the park on Thornton Park. One female transported to Whidden.

Manager of Domino’s Pizza states that twice this week, two male parties called in for a pizza to a false address on Jerald Street. The second time, this happened, the two males parties paid with a counterfeit $20 bill. They fled on foot with the pizza. Domino’s did not report this until 30 minutes after the incident. They could not give any description of the two male parties. They will come to the station to bring the fake $20 bill.

Unwanted female from Winthrop Yacht Club was brought in to the station for protective custody.

Reporting party states that the gate to the former nursing home on Pleasant Street is open and is partially blocking the street. W94 reports moving the construction fence off of the street and speaking with a neighbor that already had contacted the developer. The gate was  closed, but could not be secured.

Party at Veterans Road and Cutler Street reports there is a Haul parked illegally on the grass along with a motorcycle that has been there for at least a year. She stated that weeds are growing around the cycle. Unit stated that the haul is attached to a trailer, and it is legally parked. The motorcycle is also coming up active, and there are no violations. It is also legally parked.

Report of a family lighting off fireworks on Shore Drive. Unit states he spoke to the family, and they are finished, and will not be lighting off anymore fireworks.

Motor vehicles in Hannaford Park playing music very loud and possibly consuming alcohol.

Follow-up investigation on Otis Street. Unit stated that he reached the person he was looking for.

White male intoxicated on Shirley Street. Called in by bartender. Party had left before officer’s arrival.

Report of youths hanging out at the basketball courts making a lot of noise. Youths were talked to and left the area.


Saturday, Aug. 26

Calling party stated that her neighbors are yelling and arguing and throwing stuff around in their house on Golden Drive. Fire dispatched. One to Whidden.

Report of loud music coming from Read Street. Party was watching TV alone. Clear, no music.

Party passed out in motor vehicle on Washington Avenue. Party was fine, just waiting for a friend.

Disabled motor vehicle on Tafts Avenue. AAA enroute.

Party on Plummer Avenue re[ports she continuously finds an empty, discarded, paper wine boxes in front of her house on the sidewalk.

Female party on Moore Street states there is someone in the house. Unit stated it was a crawl space, and no human could not fit. Possibly an animal.

Caller on Almont Street states a male in a broken wheelchair needs assistance, and was stuck in the middle of the road.

A passerby moved the wheelchair safely to the sidewalk. Units made sure the male party got home safely.

911 hangup on Nevada Street, called in by Essex Regional. A 5-year-old boy keeps calling 911 because his baby brother is sneezing. He states that his mom and dad are not home.

Mother on Winthrop Street stated she wanted to make sure her son isn’t having a party as she is away for the weekend.

Party in Connecticut but his sister in Winthrop has posted statements on Facebook. No known weapons. Party states she is depressed because she just broke up with her boyfriend. Unit requesting fire/EMS for an evaluation. Unit stated no extreme threats were made. Party was intoxicated and signed refusal for medical.

Eight kids, possibly drinking in vehicle on Morton Street. Officer spoke with the kids and moved them out of the area.

Possible breaking and entering of a neighbor’s house on Faun Bar Avenue. Caller is not sure the number. Also state, the homeowner was last seen chasing someone away from the house. Unit stated this was not a breaking and entering. This had to do with someone pulling the fire alarms in a building.

Unit reports he is on Hawthorn Avenue for a follow-up up on the BOLO for the vehicle. No one was home at the time.

Party came to the station reports g that people in several different vehicles are following him. He feels safe for now. Party is remaining in the lobby.

Calling party on Quincy Avenue states there has been a party going on for several hours and the music is extremely loud. The disturbance is coming from in  back of her house. Unit spoke with the residents of the home. They will shut it down for the night.

Another loud party on Enfield Road. Parties are closing it down for the night.


Sunday, Aug. 27

Past breaking and entering on Pearl Avenue. No sign forced entry. Couple of items missing.

Party hit a fence at Bowdoin and Madison Avenue. Four or five youth males walking down the street and kicked a neighbor’s fence. There may have been a party earlier, but all parties left and are on their way home. Peace was restored.

Loud house party on Cutler Street. Parties were not too loud. Peace again restored.

Calling party on Coral Avenue was concerned about a man sleeping in a white vehicle parked. The man was seen moving in the vehicle but the calling party would still like someone to check out the individual. Party checked out and is fine.

A male party on Taylor Street who is on house arrest with an ankle-bracelet device has taken the device off. Officer advised victim that if they should come into contact with said male party to call 911.

Larceny on Myrtle Avenue. Alleged larceny of $1,900.

Male on Fremont Street called to report the same car with the same person in it is “making plays” every day. When asked what he is doing, the answer was, selling drugs. The plate given was wrong and K9 went by and could not see any plate that was close.

Reporting party on Tewksbury Street stated there was a male party that came out of their backyard. When confronted, the male made threats on the reporting party and the family. He has since left but got into a commercial vehicle. Perfect detail was written not he side of the vehicle. It was a misunderstanding.

Calling party on Pond Street states there is a male party drunk and yelling in the parking lot. Units searched the whole area, and no signs of anyone yelling in the parking lot.

Party on Main Street is having chest pains and admitted he took something. Unit reports ambulance was pulling off upon his arrival. 25-year-old male being transported. Maybe having an anxiety attack.

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