Police Blotter 09-07-2017

Friday, September 8, 2017
By Transcript Staff

Monday, Aug. 28

Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Citation issued for failure to stop.

Report of a black pickup truck with a ticket on it, on Pearl Avenue, making it hard to park. Vehicle has been put on the 72-hour list. Vehicle has been parked there for over a week and does have a parking citation on it.

Off with a disabled motor vehicle at Crest Avenue and Revere Street. The vehicle was moved.

Motor vehicle stop at Pleasant and Edgehill road. Citation issued for speeding.

Another motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Unit reports citation issued for speeding.

Resident at Governors Park provided documentation from GP office regarding noise complaints lodged against him and his roommate. He states it is a misperception that they are making noise and the letter confirms this. A bothered tenant in apartment below moved in last December, while upstairs tenants have been living there for seven years. Party was advised of rights pertaining to 208e.

A public bus by Yirrell Beach heading out of town with emergency flashing lights on. Units reports he drove the whole bus route and could find nothing nor any bus with the lights on.

Call came from Boston that a male party on Shirley Street made Q5 statements. Unit reports male headed to MGH for an evaluation.

Party came in to report that in August the tenant on the first floor of her apartment building on Winthrop Street threw coffee on her car. She only wants this on record at this time.

Party from Buchanan Street walked into the station stating that he knows who has possession of his dog. Units report checking the home and his work place but it was reported that the dog ran away. Party was upset that units were unable to get his dog.

Calling party at the Town Landing states there is a blue car tearing up the grass there. Harbormaster will explain the situation more. Unit spoke with the calling party and will look around the area for the car.

Party on Otis Street states there is a woman and male yelling at each other. Unit checked the area, and no sign of anyone.

Reporting party at Governors Park states that her neighbors son spit on her, and his mother is harassing her. Unit spoke with the parties. The boy was spitting over the railing, and he was spoken to, and everyone is now happy.

Party on Dolphin Avenue states that his neighbor threatened to punch him in the face and throw him down the stairs because he was playing loud music. Units spoke with the parties, and the neighbor is moving out in three days. They agreed to keep the peace for the next three days.


Tuesday, Aug. 29

Caller reports a group loitering and blasting their music in the rear of the car wash on Main Street. Officer was right there and reports no loud music, just a small group quietly cleaning their vehicle. Officer will speak with all parties, and they report the group was cooperative and shut off all radios.

Report of a male party yelling at people in the parking lot on Crest Avenue. An elderly male, driving a black, pickup truck. Female party stated he was yelling and harassing her fro throwing a cigarette butt on the ground.

Party on Faun Bar Avenue stated the water tower is leaking. Winthrop DPW notified. DPW called back and reported no leaks.

Party residing in nursing home states she was kidnapped.

A woman came to the station to report that her friend was on Yirrell Beach and he was bitten by a dog. The friend listed above went to the East Boston Clinic just for precaution. The above individual will be in on Wednesday to speak with ACO.

Assisted citizen on Buchanan Street. Spoke to both parties, and each other’s belongings are there. Peace was restored and both parties left the area.

Calling party reports that at the basketball courts on Hermon Street there is a vulgar message spray-painted on them referring to her daughter.

Party on Jefferson Street is concerned about what material is in the bucket that is in the parking lot. Item has been secured.It was an empty cooler left on the sidewalk.

Report of a few kids fighting across from the hockey rink. No weapons visible.  Kids were not fighting, just hanging out. They were told to leave the area.

Group of six kids fighting with unknown weapons. It was a duplicate call  from Walden Street.

Group playing basketball on Walden Street and being loud. Unit stated two youths were advised to move out of the area.


Wednesday, Aug. 30

Reporting party on Golden Drive stated that someone is knocking on her door. 91 reports that the calling party stated that the man left. He reports negative on the search for the male party. He will relay the information to the day shift.

93 reports out on a well being check on Shirley and Washington avenue. He reports man was asleep on a bench. He is okay.

Motor vehicle stop on Argyle Street. Verbal, the party was lost.

Report of a male and female on Beacon Street walking around the neighborhood, in and out of backyards. Unable to find anyone matching description of the two in the area.

Party came to the station with a man’s wallet that he found on Yirrell Beach. Wallet was found near the short line, and is wet and sandy. Contains a Kansas license, cards and personal papers.

Party on Sagamore Avenue reports that in the vicinity of her home there is a white, commercial vehicle that has been parked there all night. It is taking up two spots of parking. Vehicle is legally parked, and they are doing work in the rear of a house there.

Party came to the station regarding an accident while bicycling in August when he was struck by a motor vehicle on Main Street. Party is unable to locate the operator of the vehicle that struck him causing him injuries and damage to his bike. CJIS was checked  and no motor vehicle is listed to the name given to the victim. Subject’s phone number was given and we were finally able to leave a message regarding his proper motor vehicle information and his failing to file a report.


Thursday, Aug. 31

Three parties at the gazebo. They were asked to leave as the park was closed.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Verbal warning for speeding.

Report of a party sleeping in the bus stop on Governors Drive. 91 will move him along.

Three white males walking up and down Sea Foam Avenue. Nothing showing at this time.

Boston Police reporting a 911 hangup in the vicinity of Washington Avenue. Caller was located for a medical aid.  Calling party was requesting help. Party was transported to hospital. No need for the police.

93 requesting tow for vehicle on Fremont Street. Expired license. G&J towed the vehicle.

Motor vehicle stop on Winthrop Street. Citation given for marked lanes and going through a red light.

Man down on Yirrell Beach. 9 states the man was sleeping. Fire was cancelled.

Report of a red vehicle parked in the handicap spot on Pleasant Street. 93 reports multiple infractions. Parking ticket issued.

Calling party on Shirley Street reports an 18-wheeler flatbed is stuck in the street, and he cannot make the turn. 9e stated the truck left the area.

Follow-up investigation on Myrtle Avenue.

Motor vehicle stop at Mobil Gas Station on Main Street. 91 states that the driver is not whom he claims to be. A citation was issued and the car is being towed by G&J.

Party came to the station to report counterfeit money that was passed at the mobile station on Main Street.

Calling party at Cottage Park Road and Pleasant Street states that a blue vehicle with several dents was parked in the vicinity. Four black individuals, both male and female parties possibly drinking out of paper bags. Caller wanted to remain anonymous. He stated that the vehicle left the area, and a BOLO was put out to the units.

Unknown male to the area on Putnam Street. Party now located by the fence. Units checked out the male party in question and he lives here. Call was unfounded.

Two cars with out-of-state plates have been parked on Pleasant Park Road for over two weeks according to the reporting party. Motor vehicles checked out and were tagged with 72 hour notice.

White male sitting on the curb on Tileston Road. Units report male party was a bit under the weather and was sent in the house.

Large group of youths dispersed from the basketball courts.


Friday, Sept. 1

Party found women’s clothing all over Morton Street. Looks to be clothes dropped out of a laundry basket.

Homeless man sleeping in the playground at Ingleside Park. He was moved along.

Party was asking for money at Citizen’s Bank.

Lost brown Boxer roaming Quincy Avenue.  Dog is back with owner, and no action needed.

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. Citation issued for speeding.

Motor vehicle stop on Cutler Street. Citation issued for speeding.

Caller who wishes to remain anonymous, but she stated there was a suspicious motor vehicle parked on her street about a half hour ago. The vehicle is now gone, but she was instructed to call police if car comes back.

Party came to the station to turn in two counterfeit $100 bills that his son found on the sidewalk between Energy To Go and Almont Street.

Party called from Shirley Street stated that behind the building was a female squatting and talking to herself. WPD requesting medical aid. Female party was transported to the hospital.

Group of teenagers screaming and yelling on Shirley Street. A third-floor tenant states that her son had friends over, and when they were leaving, there was some type of altercation, but they left before police arrival.


Saturday, Sept. 2

Party on Atlantic Street states that father is now supposed to be there and is on the property. Party left the area. If found, he will be trespassed from the property.

Retrieved two shot-gun casings that are 50 years old at Seal Harbor.  Items were retrieved by unit.

Disturbance on Floyd Street over a Golden Doodle dog. Officer spoke to male party, and he will take the matter to civil court to get proper paperwork for dog.

Report of rusty water on Lincoln Terrace. DPW notified.

Reporting party on Waldemar Avenue stated that his neighbor is revving the engine of a boat, and the fumes are filling his home. Unit spoke with boat owner, and he is done working on his boat for the day.

Altered mental status on subject on Veterans Road. Unit stated that one was transported to hospital.

Party on Highland Avenue came to station to report being scammed of his identity, which has been compromised. He speaks Albanian, and language line was used to translate.

Unwanted party’s father on Revere Street. He was supposed to be there. The father and new wife were escorted off the property. He was allowed to take some of his immigration paperwork with him. Peace was restored.

Unit stated he is with a civilian in an electric wheel chair that has died at Revere and Kennedy Road. He will assist the citizen home with the other units. Male party is home safely.

Two motor vehicle-accident at Magee’s Corner. Possible injuries. Fire/EMS enroute. Unit stated that Atlantic and Winthrop street is closed for now. One tow need for vehicle. G&J enroute. 29-year-old female transported to MGH. The male party in the other vehicle will go to the hospital on his own. 93 will remain on the scene until the second tow arrives for the other vehicle.

Two sisters fighting on Nevada Street. This is ongoing problem. They are screaming and yelling. Unit stated that both parties involved were spoken to and peace was restored.


Sunday, Sept. 3

Caller on Hermon Street states that a group of kids breaking mirrors off the vehicles on the whole street. Unknown description of the kids. Unit states there were three gentleman walking around the area, and that they were very cooperative. They all checked out. There was a couple of mirrors pushed in but no damage observed.

A group of kids being loud on Myrtle Avenue. Unit states they are very familiar with this party. He will be quieting down, and they were advised. Also, there were told they do jot want to be back again there tonight.

Lost Doberman Pincher at Bowdoin and Main Streets. ACO sated that the dog went into a backyard on Central Street. He secured the yard and left a note on the front door for the owner.

Caller on Putnam Place states neighbors threw rotten food at her house last night, and were urinating off of their balcony. She would like an officer to come down and take a report.

Caller on Shirley Street states that her boyfriend is back, and she wants him removed. He is not being violent, and has no weapons. She just wants him removed. Peace was restored.

Party on Sagamore Avenue reports that they are renovating the house across the street from him, and the crew left a work truck in the street across from his house all weekend. It has no plates, and is taking up two spots. There is work being done, and the vehicle moved with a parking ticket.

Owner of the bait shop on Main Street states there are two vehicles parked in front of his store for two hours. Officer will come back later to check on the vehicle.

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