Police Blotter

Police Blotter 06-07-2018

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, May 28 Party on Main Street reports a wallet stolen at the Mobil Gas Station. They have the subject on surveillance. Employee will call when this party returns. Walk-in from Tafts Avenue to report that his nephew is missing. Report of a motor vehicle with expired plate parked in Crest Avenue parking lot.... »

Police Blotter 05-31-2018

Friday, June 1, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, May 21 Report of a male party found wondering Revere Street lost and confused. 91 checked in-house information and found a local address and family information. The party was dropped off to this family. Two dogs barking for 2 hours now on Sea Foam Avenue. Unit dispatched. Nothing of relevance in the previous... »

Police Blotter 05-24-2018

Friday, May 25, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, May 14 There was a motor vehicle accident on Crest Avenue. No injuries. 91 on the scene. He assisted parties in exchanging papers. There was minor damage. Party came into the station to report identity theft. Women walking by Pleasant Street and Villa Avenue states there is a large white truck parked on... »

Police Blotter 05-17-2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, May 7 EBDC faxed over a warrant for service upon individual on Shore Drive. 987, 100 and State PD off. All available units responding, suspect has knife. D4, Alpha enroute. 91 requesting medical. 91 following ambulance to MGH. 93 and all unit cleared. Report to follow. Party on Brewster Avenue reports an Amazon... »

Police Blotter 05-10-2018

Friday, May 11, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, April 30 Caller on Washington Avenue states that his lawn mower was stolen from his from yard. Lawn mower was outside with sign and must have been taken around 7 a.m. Motor vehicle accident on Revere Street. Vehicle hit a fire hydrant. Truck backed into temporary feed that was being used for construction.... »

Police Blotter 05-03-2018

Friday, May 4, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, April 23 Street sweeping is going on in the town and party has a parking complaint for vehicle on Perkins Avenue. Decal expiration so the vehicle was towed by G&J. Party on Tafts Avenue reports that her motor vehicle was hit near Yirrell Beach. She followed the vehicle to Deer Island and exchanged... »

Police Blotter 04-26-2018

Saturday, April 28, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, April 16 Caller on Siren Street complained about people in the rooming house throwing trash into the street. Unit spoke to individual throwing out the trash who said he was cleaning out an apartment. A disposal company will be there to move the bin closer to the house. Individual came into the station... »

Police Blotter 04-19-2018

Friday, April 20, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, April 9 Officer standing by while subject picks up clothing on a 209A on Read Street. Party retrieved belongings. An ongoing situation on Main Street with the calling party and a general contractor who is parked on front of his house right now. Caller would like to speak to an officer. He is... »

Police Blotter 04-12-2018

Friday, April 13, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, April 2 Caller from the Cummings School reports that there is a motor vehicle blocking access to the buses and is unoccupied. The owner moved the vehicle. Party reports that there are vehicles parked on both sides of Cross Street, making traffic difficult. Clear, no illegally parked vehicles. Traffic and emergency vehicles can... »

Police Blotter 04-05-2018

Friday, April 6, 2018
By Transcript Staff

Monday, March 26 Party came to the station to report that someone fraudulently cashed a check in his name. Caller from Fort Heath Apartments states that in the parking lot of Hanford Park, there is a car that has been parked there for three days with a restricted sticker. Motor vehicle towed to G&J.... »

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